New Years Resolutions, 2018 & Beyond at the Brown Dog Cafe!

Posted on: December 28th, 2017 by chef

Our Resolution

“Try new things”

Here at the Brown Dog Cafe, we have always enjoyed pushing envelopes, and experimenting with new trends and ideas. In 2018, we are planning to keep pushing ourselves further, sure we have been in the business for over a decade, but we have only had a little over a year at our current location in Summit Park. We have plenty of tricks up our sleeve as we continue to grow and evolve into our new home, plenty of special events ahead of us, plenty of new menu items, and plenty of heart.

Our Toast

In 2017, we got our brick oven together to bring traditional style pizza to the Blue Ash community. We also had many successful catering parties, in both our new Blue Ash Meeting Room, and abroad. We hosted multiple 5-Course dinners for special occasions, Rombauer Winery a successful buffet on Mother’s Day, an evening with Advanced Sommelier Mary Horn, Business Lunches, Romantic Dinner’s, we have succeeded through Burger Week, Restaurant Week, Pizza Week, Taste of Blue Ash, and just about any other week that Cincinnati could throw at us. We also loved every minute of it, and we love you, the customer’s who have made it possible. So our toast this New Years Eve is to you, thank you for your patronage and support!

Stay Tuned!

We are really looking forward to what 2018 has to offer, Every year that goes by here at Summit Park, things seem to get more interesting. The park is expecting to open it’s observation deck in 2018, and has plenty of big things planned for the calendar ahead. Stop by for some ice skating until February 18th, stop by for the Farmers Market in the Spring/ Summer, say hello during the Taste of Blue Ash, or the Red White and Blue Ash Celebration, enjoy a movie in the park, or maybe just do some Yoga or Zumba courses with the community. We are currently working on a string of special events of our own for the near future, and will be dropping some details soon! Here are a few hints….

Rare Bourbon

Boutique Wine

Fine Food

Coursed Menus

More details to come, follow us here, or on Social media for updates!

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