We are ending our breakfast service…

Posted on: July 6th, 2018 by chef

Sad news for breakfast fans…

First off, the Brown Dog Cafe family would like to thank all of our loyal breakfast fans that have been dining with us regularly for Breakfast over the past year or so. We have come to a point in our restaurant’s growth where we have decided to build upon our lunch and dinner business and focus our staff effort there. We will still be open regularly for our weekend Brunch Service on Saturday’s and Sunday’s, so if you can’t otherwise satisfy your hankering for delicious pancakes, and savory omelets, be sure to stop by on a Saturday or Sunday from 10am-3pm, and we will be there to hit the spot.

If you really love our breakfast, reach out and we will cater your next breakfast event! Catering menu still up!

This may not be a permanent change, as the Summit Park and DaVentry Home’s continue their development, we may find ourselves adapting again to our new market opportunities, however for the time being Breakfast must come to an end.

We hope that you can understand, and we hope to see you in for Lunch or Dinner in the near future!

Sit.Stay.Savor. ~The Brown Dog Cafe

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